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Hishell Team Building and Travel to Huizhou Bihaiwang Drifting

17th-18th August, 2019, Hishell company organized a two-day trip to Huizhou. We played very happy and unforgettable. Thanks to the company for letting us have two days of happiness. This time I went with my colleagues. It was also the first time I went to travel with my colleagues. In this way, the two-day trip began. We arrived at the destination and went on a cruise to the sea, barbecue bonfire, speedboat soaring, and rafting. What impressed me the most was drifting on the water. Drifting down the stream, the first thing I encountered was a large water flow drop. The water in the rapids has wet our whole body, it is really thrilling. The entire drifting has a gentle drift like a mirror, and there are also choppy drifts, But after our joint efforts, mutual cooperation is shocking, We fight together, Unity, and common resistance, Then the wet happily laughed. Drifting gives us not only the thrill of shocking, the thrill of defeating nature. but also the joy of working with my par...

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